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Village Fire Department Officials - 2015
Back row L to R, Chief David Mason, 1st Asst. Chief Chris Wade, 2nd Asst. Chief Walt Conlon. Front row L to R, Treasurer Jim Gage, Secretary Chris Mason.

Fire Department

Chief Chris Wade

43 Partition Street
Saugerties , NY 12477
Emergencies: 911
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Contact numbers

Emergencies: 911


Phone number for individual stations (not for emergencies):

Uptown Station, 43 Partition St. 246-9701
C. A. Lynch Fire Company, Theodore Place  246-2027
Cedar Grove, Route 32 246-4739
Centerville, Route 212, 246-5223
Glasco Fire Company, Plenty Street, 246-9600
Malden West Camp, Malden Turnpike, 246-3287
Mount Marion Fire Company, Kings Highway, 246-2290
Saxton Fire District, 3853 Route 32, 246-1121
West Camp Station, West Camp Road, 246-9008



The Saugerties Volunteer Fire Department, as the name implies, is an entirely volunteer, unpaid firefighting organization. It has relied the courage and devotion of its members for the last 154 years, to protect the lives and properties of the residents of the Village of Saugerties. These volunteers have responded to calls, despite the rigors of weather and fatigue, any time day or night, and the dangers of fire fighting, including severe burns, toxic smoke, chemical hazards, building collapses, falls, and other injury that may result.

Additionally, the Saugerties Fire Department serves other residents through both our fire protection district and by the long established "Mutual-Aid" agreements with neighboring fire districts and departments, and on occasion even beyond the Town of Saugerties and the County of Ulster.


The Saugerties Fire Department has four distinct roles in its primary mission. They are fire protection, fire suppression, fire training, and fire prevention. The department also maintains a good neighbor role through its community activities.

Fire Protection

The Saugerties Fire Department consists of four individual companies:

  • The R. A. Snyder Hose Company No. 1
  • The C. A. Lynch Hose Company No. 2
  • The Washington Hook and Ladder Company No. 1
  • The Saugerties Exempt Firemen's Association and Fire Patrol with about 75 total active members.

Each company is commanded by a Captain or a Foreman. There are three Chiefs who have overall responsibility for the Department's operations, each representing one of the three line companies.

Each Company maintains its own apparatus and equipment which is provided by the Village, with a chief driver in charge. Every Firefighter is provided with protective gear which must be worn in fires, emergencies, and training.

The Fire Department is charged with mission of saving life and property. When its members arrive on the scenes, they perform the following functions The are listed in the order of importance:

  • Search and Rescue of Victims
  • Fire Extinguishment
  • Salvage and Overhaul (Extension of fire)
  • Securing the Scene

Fire Suppression

Throughout the year the Saugerties Fire Department has responded to various emergency situations. During the course of a typical year, the Saugerties Fire Department responds to over 150 calls. Calls include fire-related contacts, flooding and cellar pumps, carbon monoxide detector activation, public assistance, automobile accidents, automatic alarms, mutual aid calls, hazardous materials, medical assistance, Village Police assistance, and other calls (good intent, medical alert alarm activation and water rescue).

In a word, these guys are busy . . . busy helping the citizens of Saugerties in very significant ways.

Fire Training

The Saugerties Fire Department has an extensive firefighter training program. Training is conducted on several levels, including New York State, departmental, company level, as well as informal sessions at the Uptown and South Side fire stations.

All new members are required to attend a NY State course in the Firefighter 2000. This 20-week course is informative as well as challenging. Upon successful completion of this basic training course they receive a certificate for their efforts. Firefighters have the opportunity to attend other courses, which provide in-depth knowledge of more complex and dangerous firefighting operations, including at the State Fire Academy in Montour Falls.  Other firefighters attend conventions around the state at their own expense and receive even more training which they bring back to the department. Each firefighter is required to attend an eight hour OSHA safety course annually, to protect themselves and the people they serve.

Some firefighters take advantage of Sunday mornings to come to the two fire stations for informal training, such as the location and use of tools aboard the apparatus.

Fire Prevention

The Saugerties Fire Department has the responsibility to the residents to provide education on the danger of fire and its prevention. It holds an annual Fire Prevention week each October including classes at all local schools, holding fire drills for children , giving out information, offering tours of the apparatus and using a lightweight fire hose (booster line).

The Fire Department conducts tours of the fire stations all year round for such groups as scout troops, school classes, and civic organizations. Fire prevention events are held annually. 

Community Activity

As responsible Community Citizens, the Saugerties Fire Department engages in several events that are for the enjoyment of everyone. The SFD coordinates the 4th of July parade, which we believe to be one of the best and largest in the Hudson Valley.  On that day, prior to the parade, the SFD hosts other fire companies, and emergency service personnel at our annual inspection. The Firefighter of the Year is announced and honored guest are recognized and take part in the inspection.  Line-up for the 4th of July Parade is 10 a.m. and step off is 11 a.m.  For more information on the 4th of July events, please visit the Village's 4th of July page.

For many years the SFD has been sponsoring an annual Halloween Parade. The children march in their Halloween costumes through the village to the firehouse, after which, the costumes are judged, prize awarded, and refreshments provided.

The Saugerties Fire Department has participated in several firematic parades and competitions, and trophies we have won are proudly on display in the fire house.


During the Saugerties Holiday in the Village (first weekend in December), the Fire Department culminates the day's activities with a Firemen's Parade of Lights, which winds through the streets of Saugerties and finishes at Seamon Park, where the lighting of the trees and park decorations takes place.


Our C. A. Lynch Company has treated the children of Saugerties to candy and a visit from Santa Claus every Christmas day for more than 75 years and this year will be no exception. Santa Claus will don his red suit as he and his helpers will hand out boxes of candy as the fire truck visits every street in the Village.


The current Chiefs of the Saugerties Fire Department are:

  • Chris Wade (Village of Saugerties Fire Chief)
  • Scott Campbell (First Assistant Fire Chief)
  • Chris Mason (Second Assistant Fire Chief)

The Treasurer of the SFD is Jim Gage.  The Secretary of the SFD is Chris Mason.


The Fire Commissioner for the Village of Saugerties Fire Department is Donald Hackett.  The Fire Department Chaplains are:

  • Reverend Dr. Duane Buddle, Pastor of the Saugerties United Methodist Church
  • Father Christopher Berean, Pastor of St. Mary of the Snow Parish
  • Pastor Joel Holland of the First Congregational Church
  • Reverend Terrence O'Brien of the Reformed Church of Saugerties

In addition to the Chief and First and 2nd Assistant Chief, the officers of the SFD are:


R. A. Snyder Hose Company No. 1

  • Joseph Martin, Captain
  • Josh Kopycinski, First Lieutenant
  • Staci McGirr, Second Lieutenant
  • Brian Mason, Chief Driver
  • Don McCaig, President


Washington Hook & Ladder Company No. 1

  • Robert Quirk, Captain
  • Steve Nadal, First Lieutenant
  • Robert Quirk, Chief Driver


C. A. Lynch Hose Company No. 2

  • Cody Rocco, Captain
  • Earl Martin IV, First Lieutenant 
  • Cody Rocco, Jr, Chief Driver
  • William Mergendahl, President

Exempt's Fire Police

  • President, Anthony Bell
  • Vice President, Ken Swart
  • Chief Driver, Ed Quirk


Fire Commissioner, Brian Martin Sr.

Past Chiefs of the Saugerties Fire Department

1856 T. J. Barritt

1857 C. W. Baker

1858 A. J. Myer

1859 James Maines

1860 Joseph R. Boice

1861 Wm. R. Shultis

1862 Wm. Hanna

1863 H. D. Laflin

1864 Isaac Rosepaugh

1865 B. M. Freligh

1866 H. D. Laflin

1867 H. D. Laflin

1868 A. J. Myer

1869 Wm. C. Mitchell

1870 Alfred Teetsel

1871 Wm. C. Mitchell

1872 Louis Yerger

1873 Louis Yerger

1874 Louis Yerger

1875 Louis Yerger

1876 Jacob L. Williams

1877 Louis Yerger

1878 Patrick Maxwell

1879 A. J. Myer

1880 B. M. Freligh

1881 B. M. Freligh

1882 A. J. Myer

1883 A. J. Myer

1884 A. J. Myer

1885 B. M. Freligh

1886 B. M. Freligh

1887 B. M. Freligh

1888 B. M. Freligh

1889 Wm. Ziegler

1890 L. J. Butzel

1891 H. A. Ohley

1892 H. A. Ohley

1893 R. D. Suderley

1894 Ed. Lynk, Jr.

1895 E. J. Lewis

1896 Wm. V. Burhans

1897 W. V. McCormick

1898 Ernest Hassinger

1899 Martine Cantine

1900 Frank J. Dale

1901 James Teller

1902 Lewis H. Kleeeber

1903 Thomas J. Bradley

1903 John McCormick

1904 Ernest Myer

1905 William MacMullen

1906 Jonas Myer

1907 Robert B. Ballman

1908 Fred Granwohl

1909 James Reynolds

1910 John B. Adams

1911 John Weinands

1912 Frank V. Underhill

1913 Henry T. Keeney

1914 Henry Schneider

1915 John C. McCarthy

1916 Chester Lowe

1916 John F. Carnright

1917 Joseph Huber

1918 John F. Carnright

1919 Michael Fitzgerald

1920 Chandler DuBois

1921 Goerge B. Ohley

1922 Josiah Perks

1923 John J. LaVelle

1924 Leo McEnroe

1925 Lyman Hallenbeck

1926 William Tracy, Sr.

1927 Milton Hill

1928 Frederick Van Voorhis

1929 Arthur Petschke, Jr.

1930 Edward King, Jr.

1931 Harry Desmond

1932 Frank Martin

1933 William McCormick

1934 Edward M. Flanagan

1935 Oscar Ehrler

1936 John King

1937 Joseph Sweeney

1938 George Tymeson

1939 Raymond J. Mooney

1940 Edmund U. Burhans

1941 Edward Van Wart

1942 Cornelius Lynch

1943 Peter Hackett

1944 Vernon Tymeson

1944 Lester Vandemark

1945 E. Leslie Fellows

1946 Roy Palmer

1947 Phillip Breithaupt

1948 George W. Gardner

1949 Albert P. Hrdlicka

1950 Merlin Synder

1951 Thomas P. Gilmore

1952 William Rightmyer

1953 Russell O'Dea

1954 William Meiswinkel

1955 Vernon Benjamin

1956 Edward Buckley

1957 Donald R. Sullivan

1958 John F. Carnright, Jr.

1959 Edward P. Sweeney

1960 John A. Hill

1961 Robert J. Desmond

1962 Henry F. Amend

1963 Earl J. Martin

1964 Walter I. Johnson

1965 LeRoy W. Snyder

1966 August L. Fellows

1967 Homer Van Voorhis

1968 George H. Warringer

1969 Carroll Kimble

1970 John J. Wood Sr.

1971 John G. Kolano

1972 Ernest R. Dunn

1973 Edmund B Whitaker

1974 Josehph L. Schaffer Sr.

1975 Edward Haines

1976 Donald R. McCaig

1977 Robert R. Wade, Sr.

1978 James Mergendahl, Jr.

1979 Peter P. Karashay

1980 Joseph L. Schaffer, Sr.

1981 William Mergendahl

1982 William Mergendahl

1983 Joseph Doyle

1984 Joseph Doyle

1985 Ray Brackett

1986 Ray Brackett

1987 William Mergendahl

1988 William Mergendahl

1989 Richard Jackson

1990 Richard Jackson

1991 William D. Warringer

1992 William D. Warringer

1993 Gary Anderson

1994 Gary Anderson

1995 Richard Jackson

1996 Richard Jackson

1997 Ed Quirk

1998 Ed Quirk

1999 Earl Martin Jr. 

1999 Brian Martin

2000 Brian Martin

2001 Brian Martin

2002 Tom McCarthy

2003 Tom McCarthy

2004 Alfred Bell

2005 Brian Martin

2006 Brian Martin

2007 Brian Martin

2008 Joe Schaffer Jr.

2009 Joe Schaffer Jr.

2010 Anthony Bell

2011 Dave Mason

2012 Dave Mason

2013 Dave Mason

2014 Dave Mason

2015 Dave Mason

2016 Dave Mason

2017 Chris Wade


Attentive Junior Firefighters
Halloween Parade Kickoff