Calendar of Saugerties Events

Saugerties Farmer's Market Closing Day

Sat, Oct 25, 2008
Judith Spektor

115 Main Street
Saugerties, NY 12477
Table Of Contents:
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

FRESH! from the Saugerties Farmers Market 

Saturday, October 25, 9am-2pm, Main St & 9W North



Closing Day & Plans for Holiday Market:

The Saugerties Farmers Market plans to open monthly Holiday Farmers Markets at the Senior Center to keep our customers happy and support local farmers.  The single most often asked question is “What will you have to sell in the winter?” and the answer is plenty: meats, poultry, baked goods (quiche, pie, cake, cookies, biscotti, sweet breads), bread, eggs, sprouts, root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, turnips), winter squash, frozen peak of season vegetables, apples, pears, dried fruits, dairy (cheeses, milk, yogurt), mushrooms, wine, cider, granola, maple syrup products, jarred goods (jam, jelly, sauces, chutneys), pot pies, soups, stock, prepared foods, snacks, and more.



Sunday before Thanksgiving, 11/23

Sunday before Xmas, 12/21

Sunday before MLK Day, 1/18

Sunday before Presidents Day, 2/15

Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day, 3/15

Sunday before Easter, 4/5


Special Tasting

Bring Back the Taste of Summer:

Jim Hyland of Winter Sun Farms will join our market for one day as a special promotion to sell his CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares for 4 pickups at the Saugerties Holiday Markets from December-March.  Each share which you pay for in advance ($118) brings you peak of the season flavor in the depths of winter.  Hyland has partnered with local farmers to freeze their products in order to bring it out in the winter when we really need it.  The items are all outlined on his website:  Hyland will bring samples so that we can taste summer again.

Chef Demo, James Tamayo, Free Tastes & Recipe, 11am: 


James Tamayo of Café Tamayo will cook Curried Pumpkin Soup offering free tastes to market goers.  Tamayo’s soups are legendary and well loved for their taste, texture, and great use of seasonal ingredients.  Be there at 11am so you can get a chance to chat with Tamayo who is a talented chef generous with his knowledge of food.

Artisans at Work: 

Angie Gaffney Smith, Painter and printmaker, Angela Gaffney-Smith will be demonstrating transparent watercolor technique.  Gaffney-Smith  will display examples of her latest work which includes images of Catskill Mountain streams and the Hudson River.

Karen Travers comes back to the market again by popular demand to show her redesigned keepsakes, one of a kind jewelry made from recycled bits and pieces (hers or yours).  Travers offers repairs and consultation on your vintage and modern jewelry.

Art Lab, 10am-1pm: 

Zzoe Rowan  will work with children on pumpkin projects in celebration of the season.

Master Gardeners:

Barbara Bravo and Elaine DiChiaro will be advising gardeners about fall clean up, bulb planting, mulching, and putting the garden to bed for the winter.  Q & A is always encouraged.

Community Table:


Saugerties Historical Society will sell tickets to the Barn Aid Concert with 5 bands and a buffet for this Sunday, October 26, 4-8pm at Gisiano’s Restaurant, Glasco.  The money raised will be used to erect the 18th century barn on the Kiersted House property.


Art Lab is selling tickets for Shadows of the Catskills presented by the Saugerties based puppetry company, Gnomon Shadow Theater.  This is a premiere multi-media production of live music, dance, puppetry, and film that will be over the top and enjoyable for children and adults alike.  Cahill Elementary School, Saturday, Nov 8, 7pm and Sunday, Nov 9 at 2pm.

Recipe Attribution Correction : 

Jennifer Brizzi wants to bring to our attention that last week’s Roasted Cauliflower recipe was not her own, but rather should be credited to those who saw the possibilities of the cauliflower long before she did: Jean-Georges VonGerichten, Amanda Hesser, Jim Dixon, and the legions of aficionados at  Please excuse my error.
What's In the Market:

No tears, please, for the last market and the wonderings about what will you do with your Saturdays.  Just switch to Sunday afternoons and join us once a month at the Senior Center to find all your friends and your local farmers.  Stock up for a few weeks until we can meet again on Sunday, November 23.

  • Fruits in Season ? the cold may be bothersome, but it is whaat makes the orchard fruit get to be at their sweetest
    • Pears?the big 4: Bosc, Bartlett, Seckel, and Magnus plus the very special Red Bartlett 
    • Apples ? MacIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Red and Golden Delicious, Jonagolld, Honey Crisp, and Ginger Gold plus Stayman, Winesap, and Ida Red.
  •  Vegetables in Season
    • Pumpkins?it is the season!
    • Naturally grown Lemon Cucumbers, Mesclun salad mix, Arugula, Sunflower Sprouts, Curly and Red Russian Kale, Collards, Chamomile, Radishes, Scallions, Garlic, Baby White and Purple Top Turnips, Beets, Zucchini, Patty Pan Squash, Braising Vegetable Mix, Red Cabbage
    • Herbs--Sage, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Cilantro, Mint, Parsley, Oregano, Lemon, Thai, traditional Basils. 
    • Cold Weather Crops--Winter Squash (Delicata, Red Kurie, and Spaghetti), Brussel Sprouts on the stalk, Potatoes, Green Beans, Cabbage (red and green), Broccoli, and Cauliflower (White and Cheddar)

         Meat and Poultry

·         Venison, Rabbit, Buffalo, Quail, Wild Boar--Bonny Corrado is back with Highland Farm venison, fresh and smoked, in many cuts.  Venison is the naturally light alternative, low in fat.

·         Lamb: chops, stew, kabobs, shanks, legs, riblets, roasts and ground lamb.  Whole lamb is available by special order.

·         Beef: Well stocked in most beef cuts.  If you are interested in a side or split half of beef, please let Christine at the market know.

·         Pork: well stocked in most cuts of pork including 7 kinds of sausages.  You can order a side of pork also.

·         Chicken: (whole and parts); Chicken Sausage (Herbes de Provence and Country Breakfast)

·         Turkey: Place Thanksgiving orders. 

·         Honey: Carol has started to extract this season’s honey and it is reported to be yummy.

·         Soup: homemade hearty delicious soups as well as stocks with which to make your own

·         Chili: award winning beef and pork chili

·         Dog & Cat Food: this has been a hit in my house with my cat, Flossie, loving the  delicious and healthful raw meat (better for our pets than cooked food)

·         Eggs?the real thing from pasture raised chickens at Heather Ridge and Muddy Farms.

·                                             Baked Goods 

·         Seasonal Fruit Pies (apple and other seasonal offerings)

·         Sweet Breads ( Moravian breakfast cake, zucchini, chocolate breads)

·         Muffins (zucchini and other seasonal offerings)

·         Scones

·         Brownies (fudge)

·         Cookies (chocolate chip)

·         Fine French Pastries including Croissants, Chocolate Croissants, Raisin Danish, Blueberry Lemon Curd Brioche, Baked Custard Blueberry Tart and Lemon Curd itself to have whenever you need it.

·         NEW every week!  Market Quiches ? Heather Ridge Bacon (not your regular supermarket packaged variety; in fact so different and so superior that the two should not go by the same name) and Vegetarian Quiche.        

·                                             Coffee ?Jeanne Schlosser of The Dam Café has graciously agreed to sserve coffee for the last market day.  We greatly appreciate her kind response to our need.  This photo shows her on the day she bought her mums at the market to add to her garden display.


·         Wine?Cascade Mountain Winery offers red, white, rosé.  Tasting encouraged.

·         Cider?Maynard Farm brings us their own fall specialty

·                                          Jarred Goods

·                     Honey from Heather Ridge

·                     Walnut Cinnamon Honey Topping ? delicious on cereal, yogurt or French toast

·         Maple Syrup, Maple Candy, Maple Cream?how to have your sweets direcct from    Mother Nature.  And the bonus is a chance to talk to Van who knows more about maple sugaring than you probably ever thought to ask.

·                                                   Specialty Items

·         Soups?Mary Ellen Holtzman and Carol Clement both making seasonally changing soups

·         Lamb Skins?Heather Ridge’s beautiful soft throws with many uses from babies to others who need softness in their lives.

·         Lamb’a Wool?Heather Ridge’s neighbor has turned fleece into gorgeous colored wools ready for knitting

·         Olive Oil and Mustard specially made for Cascade Mountain Winery

·         Honey Soaps?using Heather Ridge’s own honey

·         Beeswax Candles?using Heather Ridge’s beeswax

Red Wagon Delivery: The Saugerties Farmers Market volunteers will happily help you with your packages to your car or home within a 3-block radius.  See Market Manager, Prue See.

Info: check our website

Supporters: We’re grateful to our philanthropic and business supporters, and elected officials and we encourage you to thank them for their support.  Assemblyman Peter Lopez, Senator John Bonacic, Markertek, Ulster Federal Credit Union, Village and Town of Saugerties, Watershed Agricultural Council and NYC DEP. Kids Can Cook: Arcadia Homewares, Kiwanis Club, Price Chopper, Sawyer Savings Bank, Stewart’s Shops.