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Saugerties Calendar Appeal

~~~ FREE LUNCH for those in need ~~~

Public Hearing - Monday, July 11th - Lot Line Revision, Montross Street
Village Bd. Public Hearing

Notice is hereby given that the Village of Saugerties Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on July 11, 2018 at 6:15 pm in the Municipal Building, 43 Partition Street, Hooks Room of the Fire Department. The purpose of the Public Hearing is to receive comment on the Lot Line Revision application for Michael Persico, Alleyway Lot off of Montross Street, Saugerties, NY.


Copies of the application and plans are available for viewing at the Clerk’s office. 


All interested parties will be heard.  


Lisa Mayone, Village Clerk   

Village's Revolving Loan Committee - Low-Interest Loans Available!
Revolving Loan 


Renovation and rehabilitation loans are available through the Community Development Revolving Loan Fund.


The Revolving Loan Committee of the Village of Saugerties is anxious to assist Village business owners and lease holders. Funds are available for renovation and rehabilitation of their business properties. The minimum loan amount is $1,500 and the maximum amount is $75,000 with rates as low as 1%.


For more information and an application, contact the Village Clerk, Lisa Mayone at 246-2321 or stop in the Village Municipal Office at 43 Partition Street.

Scenic Aerial Video of the Saugerties Lighthouse

3 Dates Set for the Saugerties Food Truck Festival
Food Trucks

The Saugerties Food Truck Festival dates are:

  • Tuesday, July 10th
  • Tuesday, August 7th
  • Tuesday, September 11th
Interested food truck vendors (and non-food-truck vendors) can find forms for participating on the 2018 Food Truck Festival page.


Saugerties Drinking Water Quality Report
Drinking Water

The Village of Saugerties "Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for the Year 2017" is now available online.


Click on the image on the left or click here.


Also, as a bonus, on the Village Water Dept. page, you can download a handy paper describing what not to flush.  

NY Health Act - To learn more about it, check out the TV23 on-demand streaming video

   TV23 Replay


NY Health Act - Presentation and Q&A

On Wednesday, April 18th, there was a presentation on the NY Health Act at the Frank D. Greco Senior Citizens (Multi-Purpose) Building.


You can view it by visiting the TV23 streaming site: Visit and enjoy!  (Click on the "Playlists" tab, and then on "Special Events" > NY Health Act, right side.)

Town of Saugerties Applying for NY State Affordable Housing Corp. - Applications for Town and Village Homeowners available
AHS Home Renewal The Town of Saugerties is applying to the NY State AHC for $500,000 that, if granted, would serve a minimum of (20) owner occupied housing rehabilitation projects within the Town or Village Saugerties.  Click here or on the image on the left for a PDF with more information and an application form.

Central Hudson - Transmission Lines Rebuild Plans

Central Hudson - Transmission Lines Rebuild Plans


For more information about these plans, you have 2 resources at your disposal:


  • You can read this letter from Chris Rottkamp (Director/Project Manager, Central Hudson) to former Saugerties Town Supervisor Greg Helsmoortel, which contains a fair amount of background information.
  • You can attend one of 2 Open Houses that Central Hudson will be holding the week of September 18th.  For more information on these meetings, visit this Saugerties Online Calendar page.

LendEDU - "Saugerties in Top 100" Best Places to Start a Small Business

LendEDU logo 
Saugerties ranked #90, making it one of the best places in the entire state of New York to start a small business.

For the full report and methodology, click here or on the image on the left.  

Bottle and Can Recycling Just Got Easier ... and You Can Help Improve Saugerties' Playgrounds in the Process

Playground Fund 

Heidi Brandt has nicely set up a process where you can a) place your recyclable (NY deposit) bottles and cans in a large bag with a UPC sticker she's place on it, b) drop off the bag at the Hannaford Supermarket in Kingston (Ulster Avenue) and c) walk away feeling better about yourself, because the deposit money will all go towards the Village of Saugerties Playground Fund.  Click here or on the image on the left for more info.

Edible Hudson Valley Article Includes Great Saugerties Businesses
 Edible Hudson Valley Photo - Black-Eyed Suzies

Nice article about the authors' "edible ramble" starting in Saugerties and travelling along 212 to Woodstock.


Features: Miss Lucy's Kitchen, Love Bites Café, Cue, Dutch Ale House, Black-Eyed Suzie's, Lucky Chocolates, the Hudson Valley Food Truck Festival, Smokehouse of the Catskills, New World Home Cooking and various Woodstock venues as well.


Click here or on the image on the left to get to the article.


Saugerties' Charm

Saugerties Charm

"Front + Main" West Elm blog page features the people and places that charmed them, when they visited Saugerties.


For more "Saugerties in the News" (from as recently as this December 2016 blog item, to a NY Times 1902 article) click here. 

Saugerties' Top Dozen Most Instagrammed Places

Top Dozen Saugerties Instagrammed Places

Admit it ... you've sat there at some point and asked "What are Saugerties' 12 most Instagrammed places?" ...

Well ... inquiring minds want to know ... and the Saugerties Village web site (courtesy of the Kingston Creative website) has the answer for you!


For that answer, and for some great photos and quick info about them, click here or on the photo on the left.

Feral Cat Notice
Feral Cat


In an effort to control its stray cat population, the Village of Saugerties is conducting a Trap, Neuter, Return program throughout the village.


If you have a cat and want to know more about how this affects you and your pet(s) or if you just want more information, click here or on the cat image on the left.


TribLive Online Article Features Saugerties/Kayaking
Kayakers TribLive


"There's an irrefutable charisma that begs you to pull the car over as the road brings you to the Norman Rockwell-ish town of Saugerties, N.Y."


So begins this TribLive article that features kayaking, Opus 40, the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Ophira Sailing, the Lighthouse B&B and Krauses Chocolates.

Lifeline Telephone Service
Lifeline Telephone Service
The NY State Department of Public Service has announced a Lifeline Program, to make basic telephone services more affordable for income-eligible consumers.


For full details, click here or on the picture on the left.

Huffington Post - Things to Do in Saugerties!
Huffington Post - Things to Do in Saugerties!

Read all about it!  


Nice Huffington Post article on things to do in Jimmy Fallon's hometown ... good ol' Saugerties!



Testing of Backflow Devices in the Village
 Backflow Device

The Village of Saugerties Water Department in compliance with 5.1.31 (a) of the NYS Sanitary Code, will be sending out notices regarding the testing of backflow devices.


Testing on all devices must be completed annually.


If you have any questions regarding the annual test, please contact the Water Dept. at 246-8958.

Calendar-Whats Happening

Click here for a calendar of Saugerties events.


The calendar contains links that you can click for more information about each event.


And if you have a not-for-profit event that you want added to the calendar, just click on this link for instructions.

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