Spring Clean-Up Schedule
Leaves for Pickup April 20 - 24, 2015


Brush and yard waste only.  Nothing over 6 inches in diameter, nor over 6 feet in length.  Please separate brush from leaves.


Limit is 7 cubic yards (one truckload) per residence.


To allow the DPW to efficiently sweep the streets ... PLEASE ... no debris in the streets before April 10th.


  • MONDAY APR. 20 - North of Main St. /  West of Washington Ave. 
  • TUESDAY APR. 21 - North of Main St. / East of Washington Ave.
  • WEDNESDAY APR. 22 - South of Main St. to bridge
  • THURSDAY APR. 23 - South side
  • FRIDAY, APR. 24 - Any remaining streets

Special Meeting - Monday, April 27 - Stop Signs on Elm/Dawes and Market/Prospect
  Stop Sign Question 

Notice is hereby given that the Village of Saugerties Board of Trustees will hold a Special Meeting on Monday April 27, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. at 43 Partition Street, Village. 


The Board will hold a Public Hearing to receive comment on Local Law #2/2015.  This Local Law will install stop signs on Elm Street at the intersection of Elm and Dawes; and stop signs on Market Street at the intersection of Market and Prospect.  A copy of the law is available at the Clerk’s Office.  All interested parties will be heard.

- Mary Frank, Village Clerk

Special Meeting - Comments on 1-Way Street Designation Proposal for Clermont and Post Streeets
   One Way Street Sign with Question Mark

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Trustees of the Village of Saugerties will hold a Special Meeting on Tuesday May 12th 7:00pm in Village Hall. The purpose of the Special Meeting is to receive comments from residents regarding the proposal to make Clermont and Post Streets one way for vehicular traffic. 


All interested parties will be heard. 


- Mary Frank, Village Clerk


-- click here for a copy of Mayor Bill Murphy's letter to Post and Clermont Street Property Owners --  

Saugerties Woman's Club Sponsors 12 Saugerties HS Art Students in a Mid-Huson Festival Competition

General Federation of Womens Clubs logo 
The Woman's Club of Saugerties were the sponsors of twelve Saugerties High School Art students (Marissa Hogan, Jaci Gehring, Maya Gray,  Kayla Lennon, Monica Krajcovic, Aly Peterson-Danielle, Maya Gray, Aubrey Weeks, Phoebe DeFino, Nicole Frisbie, Maggie Pederson and Hannah Weber), whose artwork was entered in the GFWC Mid-Hudson District Arts and Crafts Festival.
Monica and Maya were first place winners at the event and Phoebe was a Second Place winner.  
--

"Kids are Key" Auction for the Saugerties Boys and Girls Club
Boys and Girls Club Logo

The "Kids are Key" Auction (18th Annual) for the Boys and Girls Club will be held Friday, May 8th, at Diamond Mills Hotel & Tavern, beginning at 6 p.m.


For information about supporting this important effort through sponsoring an ad, or donating an item or service, or to make reservations for the event itself, please download a PDF describing this event by clicking here or on the image on the left. 

Heads Up! - New Stop Sign - 3-Way Canoe Hill, Peoples and Mike Kraut Roads Intersection
New Stop Sign

The Town of Saugerties Highway Dept. wants all residents to be aware that a new stop sign has been installed at the 3-way intersection of Canoe Hill Road, Peoples Road and Mike Kraut Road.


Please be cautious when navigating this intersection as there may be some drivers who are not used to the stop sign.

Water Meter Replacement in the Village - Please Read . . .

Water meter

Over the next 4 months the Village of Saugerties will be replacing all residential and commercial water meters. 


Read more ...

Lifeline Telephone Service
Lifeline Telephone Service
The NY State Department of Public Service has announced a Lifeline Program, to make basic telephone services more affordable for income-eligible consumers.


For full details, click here or on the picture on the left.

Saugerties Highlighted in a Daily News Article

Opus 40 from Daily News

As the Daily News Article says: "

Three towns in the Hudson Valley offer a ton of fun just a short drive away

Saugerties, Woodstock and Kingston, N.Y., have great restaurants, museums, attractions and more

The article features Opus 40 (left), Ophira on the Hudson (sailing cruises), Lucky Chocolates and Fiberflame Studio.


Read more: nydailynews.com

What are the Hudson Valley's best towns to live in?

Best Town to Live in

Well ... Saugerties for one!


Thanks to Vernon Benjamin for pointing us to this Upstater article that acknowledges Saugerties as one of the Hudson Valley's best towns to live in. 

Huffington Post - Things to Do in Saugerties!
Huffington Post - Things to Do in Saugerties!

Read all about it!  


Nice Huffington Post article on things to do in Jimmy Fallon's hometown ... good ol' Saugerties!



Testing of Backflow Devices in the Village
 Backflow Device

The Village of Saugerties Water Department in compliance with 5.1.31 (a) of the NYS Sanitary Code, will be sending out notices regarding the testing of backflow devices.


Testing on all devices must be completed annually.


If you have any questions regarding the annual test, please contact the Water Dept. at 246-8958.

Saugerties Drinking Water Quality Report
Drinking Water

The Village of Saugerties "Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for the Year 2013" is now available online.


Click on the image on the left or click here.  

Calendar-Whats Happening

Click here for a calendar of Saugerties events.


The calendar contains links that you can click for more information about each event.


And if you have a not-for-profit event that you want added to the calendar, just click on this link for instructions.

Emerald Ash Borer
Emerald Ash Borer

On the left is a photo of an Emerald Ash Borer feeding on a leaf.  This insect is a threat to area trees.  If you see an Emerald Ash Borer, please report the sighting to the USDA Forest Service (866-322-4512).  See www.emeraldashborer.info or visit www.na.fs.fed.us/fhp/eab/ for more information.  

April 2015


Mayor Murphy in His Office

This month, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that 2 great contributors to the Village of Saugerties -- DPW Superintendent Bob Ciarlante and Village Clerk Mary Frank -- have announced that they will be retiring soon.  Bob will be leaving his position on May 31st and Mary on June 30th.
Not to take anything away from the great people who will be replacing them -- Bob Fanelli for DPW and Lisa Mayone for Village Clerk -- but I will really miss Bob and Mary ... both in terms of their professionalism and their friendship.  If you encounter either of them, please wish them well in their retirements.  Saugerties has greatly benefitted from their work done for the Village and their willingness to 'go beyond' and their overall generosity.  We'll miss you two!




William E. Murphy
Village of Saugerties



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